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Infrastructures of Race: Concentration and Biopolitics in Colonial Mexico (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2017).

Selected journal articles and chapters

“Eviction and the Archive: Materials for an Archaeology of the Archivo General de Indias.” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 16.2 (2015): 123-141.

“Primitive Accumulation, Geometric Space, and the Construction of the ‘Indian.’” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 24.3 (2015): 335-352.

“Primitive Spiritual Accumulation and the Colonial Extraction Economy.” Política Común 5 (2014). Special issue on “Carl Schmitt and the Early Modern World.” Eds. John D. Blanco and Ivonne del Valle.

“Archaeology in the Lettered City.” Colonial Latin American Review 23.2 (2014): 197-223.

“‘To Avoid This Mixture’: Rethinking Pulque in Colonial Mexico City.” Food and Foodways 19.1-2 (2011): 98-121.

“Governor Sancho and the Politics of Insularity.” Hispanic Review 78.1 (Winter 2010): 1-23.

“(Re)producing Empire: Góngora’s Soledades, Productive Space, and the Reversal of Spanish Decline.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 85.5 (2008): 639-58.

Selected essays

“Pasado Compuesto.” The New Inquiry 11 Jun. 2013.

“The Other Occupy Movement.” The New Inquiry 17 Sep. 2012.

Work in progress

“Triangulating Blackness: Mexico City, 1612”

“The Iberian Slave Trade and the Racialization of Freedom”

“Race, Difference, and Domination in Colonial Latin American Studies”