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Infrastructures of Race: Concentration and Biopolitics in Colonial Mexico (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2017).

Selected journal articles and chapters

“The Iberian Slave Trade and the Racialization of Freedom.” History of the Present 8.2 (Fall 2018): forthcoming.

“Triangulating Blackness: Mexico City, 1612.” Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 33.3 (Fall 2017): 344-366. [link]

“Eviction and the Archive: Materials for an Archaeology of the Archivo General de Indias.” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 16.2 (2015): 123-141. [link]

“Primitive Accumulation, Geometric Space, and the Construction of the ‘Indian.’” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 24.3 (2015): 335-352. [link]

“Primitive Spiritual Accumulation and the Colonial Extraction Economy.” Política Común 5 (2014). Special issue on “Carl Schmitt and the Early Modern World.” Eds. John D. Blanco and Ivonne del Valle.

“Archaeology in the Lettered City.” Colonial Latin American Review 23.2 (2014): 197-223. [link]

“‘To Avoid This Mixture’: Rethinking Pulque in Colonial Mexico City.” Food and Foodways 19.1-2 (2011): 98-121. [link]

“Governor Sancho and the Politics of Insularity.” Hispanic Review 78.1 (Winter 2010): 1-23. [link]

“(Re)producing Empire: Góngora’s Soledades, Productive Space, and the Reversal of Spanish Decline.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 85.5 (2008): 639-58. [link]

Selected essays

“The Tuition Limit and the Coming Crisis of Higher Education.” Co-written with Brian Whitener. The New Inquiry 26 Mar. 2018.

“Pasado Compuesto.” The New Inquiry 11 Jun. 2013.

“The Other Occupy Movement.” The New Inquiry 17 Sep. 2012.

Work in progress

“Race and Domination in Colonial Latin American Studies.”

“Merchant Capital, the ‘Liberty of Commerce,’ and the Riot of 1692.”